Class of 1957





We will be adding several items of interest, which will be available to each of you on a bid basis.  Just E-mail us your bid and we will collect the bids and advise you, if your bid is accepted.....


If you have any items you would like to make available, E-Mail us below.......




Framed Wall Plaque of Little Rock Central High School (18"X9"), Sculptor's Model, done in Plaster of Paris.  It's a numbered set of 750 & is number 461.  Starting bid of $125.00.


Framed hand drawn print of the Arkansas Razorback All Americans from 1894 - 1994 (27"X21") covered with glass.  It's a numbered set of 1994 & is number 169.  Starting bid of $175.00.


Framed copy of the drawing of the "Arkansas Razorback", by Hank Hancock, class of 1926, and reproduced in 1976 and signed by the artist.  Covered with glass.  Starting bid of $100.00.