Class of 1957






Anne Fewell
Class of 1957

       "This is the greatest Tiger team I have ever coached," said Coach Wilson Matthews after defeating the North Little Rock Wildcats in the annual Thanksgiving day game.  This year's team was the first undefeated team since 1946, ten years ago.  The Tigers surpassed the expectations of everyone this year by breaking the all time record for a number of games unbeaten, and finished the season with 21 straight wins, without a tie.

       The season went as follows:  At home the Tigers got off to a good start by defeating Christian Brothers of Memphis, Tennessee 33 to 0.  Texarkana, Texas, tried the Tigers, next, only to find one of the most determined teams they had ever played.  The Bengal's won 13 to 0.

       Central journeyed to Baton Rouge for their third game to a surprisingly easy victory - 32 to 0 - against the Louisiana State champs.  Hot Springs was the next victim of the blazing Tigers who saw chances of an undefeated season.  This time the score was 41 to 0 for the Tigers.  The team was now un-scored on for 7 games and tied with Bengal's of the past.  Fort Smith, determined to do something about this record, had everything in their favor the firs few minutes after the games was underway.  The Grizzles scored first, only in vain, to be beaten 28 to 12.

       Texarkana, Arkansas, gave the Tigers a real battle in the first quarter, but half way through the second quarter they blew up to lose 33 to 0.  But 27 to 13 was probably the tough score for the Tigers when El Dorado gave the Bengal's their worst scare.  The Tigers took the lead late in the game.  On October 26, the powerful Memphis Central team journeyed to Little Rock hoping their size would beat the undefeated Tigers.  The final score was 33 to 6, another easy victory.

       At Paducah, Kentucky, people came from all over the state to see the Tiger football team in action.  The fans were not disappointed, the Tigers won by a score of 45 to 13.  Pine Bluff gave up under the powerful Tigers in the last half when the Tigers were six points ahead.  The boys from Central quickly made it a comfortable 28 to 0 win.  With only Blytheville and North Little Rock left, the team was determined not to let anything get in their way.  They proved this by defeating Blytheville 59 to 0.

       As always, North Little Rock had intentions of beating Little Rock which gave the Tigers something to worry about.  North Little Rock was surprised to find themselves 6 points behind after the first play from scrimmage.  The final score was 45 to 12.