Class of 1957






Please send us information on your Favorite Teacher at LRCHS.  Tell the world what influence that particular teacher had on your life. E-Mail us your story and pictures, they are always appreciated.



I would like to say, I had two favorite teachers, which I came to appreciate later in life.....

Miss Audrey Watts

Miss Christine Poindexter

The basic concepts that I received in their classes of algebra and trigonometry, helped me in computer programming and web design. Without their training, you probably would not be seeing this LRCHS Website.

Miss Watts

Miss Poindexter

Charles C. Humphrey

I was amazed at Marguerite Metcalf, public speaking teacher. She not only had students speak to different civic groups, but she taught us debate. I went to a debate tournament with several others - to New Orleans! We debated at Tulane and rode the train down and back. Wow! She influenced me by making me learn to think, to speak publicly, and to love the idea of argument with appreciation for both sides of an issue. Because of her influence, I tried to teach debate in a freshman English Honors class at UAFS, just class work - not with a debate trip in mind.

Mrs. Metcalf

Sherron Sipes Shuffield


My favorite teacher was Mr. Farrell Simpson, Chemistry.  He was pleasant, prepared, challenging, and treated his students with respect, something that was not always the case.  Also Winston Faulkner, a prince of a man, who was in the phys ed department.






Mr. Simpson

Mr. Faulkner

Jim Carvell


Miss Edna Middlebrook taught me more journalism than I learned in university.  Having sponsored school newspapers and yearbooks, I have no idea how she did all.  She was a hard taskmaster, but she taught us all so much.  I didn't fully appreciate her and her hard work at the time.  The Tiger and PIX were superb publications.

Miss Middlebrook

 Julian (Bragg) Valley


Marguerite Metcalf was also a favorite of mine.  She really pushed us in speech.  I still cringe when club members say such things as "I make a motion" when I remember her parliamentary procedure lessons.  She taught so many of us the confidence to speak in front of an audience.  I also loved Alberta Harris's classes and taught at college level at Central.


  Mrs. Metcalf

 Julian (Bragg) Valley