Class of 1957





Additional names will be added as returns are received

Total Count = 159

Sue Curtis
Barbara and Joe Garrison
Nan Selz and Chris Barrier
Irvin and Sherry Clawitter
Jerry and Gayle Gardner
Gail (Bosson) Baum and Calvin Moore
Clay and Cathy Bass
John and Mary Alice (Arnold) Dickens
Buddy and Lynn Argo
Shirley Bradshaw and Holly Held Curry
Gordon and Hayden Rather
Linda (Seitz) and Jack Burney
Ken and Judy Galloway
Buster and Sharon (Young) Jones
Gwen (McGee) and Hammond Satterfield
Bob and Sandy Bradford
Mary Claire (Shannon) and Gilbert Rowe
George and Gayle (Burke) Clark
Joyce (Reed) and Lloyd Everett
Wayne and Anita Kellar
David and Suzanne Siebert
John and Kay Garrrison
Gene and Marny Stuart
Don and Pat Dalton
Ann (Strawn) Sorrells
Allen and Jane Pirnique
Carolyn (Fitzgerald) Johnson
Jim and Bettye (Wallace) Rogers
Mike and Janet Rector
Emma Jo (Fulton) Adcock
Phyllis (Dodd) Matthews and Bettye Dodd
Pete and Sharon (Laessig) Protzman
Buddy and Sybil Laing
Gary and Camille McElmury
Henrietta Simpson
Bobby and Mary Katherine (Reynolds) Stephens
Archie and Evelyn Beggs
Charles and Sherron (Sipes) Shuffield
J. Thomas and Margarette Smith
Clifford and Linda Merritt
John "Chuck" and Betty Gardner
Marshall and Glenda (Fleming) Gazette
Mike and Glynda (Allison) Turner
Leland and Georgiana (Lange) Gunn
Frances (Mitchell) Ross
Dick Kelley
Judith (Herbert) Scott
Larry Brooks
Billy Huey
Gloria (Davis) Berry and Tracy Cude
Don & Dorothy Fowles
Don and Betty Hill
John and Marian Thompson
Julianne (Bragg) Valley
Marvin Swaithes
Dudley Bumpass
Lynn and Sue (Roller) Jenkins
Paul and Kathleen Reichstadt
Robert and Sally Fagg
Howard Barlow
Larry and Joyce Reynolds
Roslyn (Lander) Knutson
Betty Sue (Irvin) McKnight
Sherry (Mizell) Kerr
Chester and Janie Lowe
Roy and Jane Jackson
Jane (Oates) Marsh
Linda (Bragg) Orr
Charles and Del Phelps
Madge Helm
Richard and Delores (Gee) Almond
Felix and Gloria Cates
Eddie and Carolyn (Bussell) Hunt
Glen and Susan (Hutson) Jay
Mike McGibbony
Billie Ruth (Moore) Hatcher
Don and Jane Tillery
Marvin Gwin
Eleanor (Hawley) Jones
Neil and Regina (Malczyski) Dobbins
Ned Downie
Linda (Razer) Orton
Peter Powell
Ginger Murry
Bob and Ernie Schenke
James and Nora (Lewis) Hays
Roger and Beverly Robertson
Richard and Carolyn (Winston) Danse
Tony and Darlette Ellis
Norma (Chumley) Self
Lynne Brewer
Ray and Bobbye Smith
Bill and Linda Gentry
Jim and Janet Cash




Tom & Hedi Bates

Janet (Rowland) Evans