Class of 1957


     A long distance telephone call in December from Lincoln High in Manitowoc. Wisconsin, set off a chain of events that was not to end until March 22.  The call extended to Central High the invitation to participate in an exchange program, the first for Central.  Fifteen juniors and fifteen seniors were selected to take the active parts in the program.

     Central's representatives spent two weeks, February 1-16, in Manitowoc.  They took most of the same courses as they did at home and they lived in the homes of the students who were to visit Central.  During March 10-22 the plan was reversed under the same conditions, when thirty students and two sponsors arrived in Central for two weeks.

     Requirements for eligibility included being able to finance the trip, having an acceptable grade average in order to be able to take the two weeks out of classes, having facilities and being willing to entertain a guest in the homes for two weeks, having an acceptable citizenship record, and presenting a signed statement from their parents giving permission to go.

     Mrs. Elizabeth Huckaby and Mr. J. O. Powell, assistant principals, accompanied the students to Manitowoc as chaperones.





LRCHS seniors:  Ginger Murry, Shade Thomas, Janie Jackson, Nona Proctor, Peg Hannah, Sharon Laessig, *Sylvia Swaim, Jeanine Downing, Don Dugan, *Kurn Kruger, *Carl Vaught, Tommy Smith, *Phillip Keese, Jerry Gardner and Don Fowles.
LRCHS juniors:  Ralph Cotham, Craig Rains, Bill May, Steve Swafford, Redding Stevenson, Kirby Riffel, James Nuckols, Bruce Fullerton, Billye Jean Spotts, Kay Selph, Amanda Cameron, Glennys Oaks, Barbara Pitcock, Bronte Carpenter, and Linda Folsom.
Manitowoc seniors:  Jacque Zielinski, Judy Aschenbrenner, Patricia Shier, Betty Roberts, Ruth Barwinkel, Anne Thiel, JoAnn Kraft, Nancy Klusmeyer, Jerry Mullins, *Howard Oestreich, David Lewis, Walter Maurer, Jerry Meister, Robert Schmidt, Randall Torgerson. 
Sponsors: Miss Dorothy Crain and Mr. Gordon Winder.
Manitowoc juniors:  Susan Smith, Gayle Neubert, Lynn Fishbeck, Mary Ellen Beaton, Ellen Peterson, Jeannie Vraney, Bernita Andrastek, Duane Bull, *Carl Angoli, Charles Mahnke, Tom Dedricks, *David Sampe, *David McLaughlin, Brian Eisner, and John Vallesky.

* Deceased