Class of 1957







Who Are We?


We lived in the age of innocence
A time of hope and joy
Went cruising Main Street with our friends
Just being a girl or a boy

We ate at the Shack and the Green Stripe
Piled our friends up in our cars
Drank our Cokes and Root Beer floats
And gazed at the glistening stars
We went to football games and cheered
For our team to always win
Our boys were young, bold  and strong
And they were turning into men
We had an unforgettable spirit
For our colors of black and gold
Youth and time were on our side
No thoughts of getting old
We danced all night at Campus Inn
Wore our pink and charcoal gray
Cut our hair in duck tails
And laughed our cares away
Some friends are lost forever
And that’s the saddest part
They will be in our thoughts and memories
And forever in our hearts.
We look back now on 50 years
Knowing we are not old
We’re the Fighting Tigers of Central High
Cheering for our Black and Gold


Written by Joan Sanders Gintella
“For the Class of 1957”