September, 1957 - May, 1958





Little Rock Central High

Little Rock Hall High


As a graduate of the class of 1957, I would like to make a few comments on what happened in September, 1957.  I am sure you are aware of the problems (and eventual solutions) that occurred at Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.  At this time, there were two (2) white high schools in Little Rock when the federal government decided to integrate Little Rock Central High.  There was much turmoil in Little Rock and many parents moved their children to other schools in Arkansas and across the country.  I graduated in May, 1957 so my parents did not have to deal with the chaos.  Of course, the school board closed all of the high schools in Little Rock in the year of 1958 - 1959.  I have included several links on this page to show you what happened during this time in our history.      

  Charles C. Humphrey
  LRCHS Class of 1957 Webmaster